Oh Yes - I hate all those pages asking You for an username and password. I hate being registered and I quite don't believe in all those advantages and privileges You gain as an registered user. I mean - I don't wan't to be registered, I hate to give away the email, I just want to write something nice to You or let You know I like Your photos...

Well - true all that. But the truth also is there is just too much spam (and that's why there is a field "what is on the symbol") nowdays and that's the only reason why You have to "register" You my dear friend.

It's none of the security reasons, and the fact is that this page is not very secure - I am not much of php programmer, and - it's all about photos, isn't it? I am not asking You for Your valid email, if something goes wrong we just write each other... Actually if You're not sure about anything just let me know and I'll explain better or register You myself...

Anyway - I do not encrypt the password what means - I can see it (and any skilled hacker can too...) So - do not use any confidental data for a password.

Sorry again for inconvenience, and if You still wish to register just fill in Your user name, type some password, Your email, and click on register.

If You don't want to login or register, and You just want to see the photos, click here.

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