I don't quite believe in copyright notices (this one is from mooserental :). You may use any of the photos published here. Only two things - give me some credits and - do not use them commercially. That's it.

Free ???

Yes - totally free. Nothing, zero, nada. I didn't shoot any of these pictures in order to gain something, they're just snapshots I've taken because it's my hobby, and it wouldn't be fair to ask something for it now, or trying to make some money out of it. So - You like the photo - go ahead, download it, You don't need my further written permission or anything, just right click, "save as" and You're done. If You think You should or could support me, well - anything is welcomed. Photo is not a cheap hobby, but - it's voluntary.
You don't even have to let me know You've used something somewhere but - I would certainly appreciate that. But please don't forget - everything under a condition that You give me some credits - so somewhere - even with that small print will be written "photo: lubo ivanko" or something like that, and You will not sell that photo itself.

Commercial use

Under "selling the photo" I understand that You download the photo, edit it or print and then try to make some money out of it - well I believe that wouldn't be fair, so that's the only thing I strictly forbid...
If You are planning to use some photo just somewhere on Your page (no matter if commercial one), or like background to some poster, flyer, invitation, magazine - whatever - You have my permission - just do not forget to give me the credits.
Maybe this will sound unbelievable but - If You let me know before You use some photo, I can send You the postprocessed image in FULL RESOLUTION, or straight-from-camera original. Yes - all that just for "thank You" (For giving me credits)

So - what exactly is NOT free, or what do I need Your permission for?

Well - If You want to buy any of the photos published on this page, You contact me and we'll manage it somehow. Once You bougth it, You have all the rights and You can basically do whatever You want with the photo, You don't have to give me any credits anymore (I still remain the autor - the law doesn't allow me to give up my authorship). If You insist I'll remove it from this page so nobody else can download or use it.
Please note that I can give You only the rights I have. If You want to use photo with somebody on it, You may need the permission of photographed one. Most of photos are from United Kingdom where such a permission is not necessary if the photo was shot in public place, but the situation might be different in other countries of the world.

I still don't get it - How is it possible???

Well - I just like the open source, free software, GPL, and I am keen on idea that good things should be free or at least available to everyone. I find kind of funny all those copyright notices under all those wannabe photographs (done in cracked Photoshop). It's year 2007 - anybody has the camera, there are millions or billions of photographs and they are not something rare anymore. I am not a pro photographer, and I am not even a photographer maybe - I just like to take pictures and photoshop them a bit, just because I like it. I don't think I will (or want to) do it for living. I hope that if I encourage spreading of my work - it'll spread and I think that's what I really want. Who knows - maybe one day, somebody will find them good enough and I-ll make some money on it :) Maybe one day - I'll abandon those get-it-free ideas, but now it's like written above.


All my contact details are here:

And please - You can write me just if You like (or don't like) some photo, or You find it interesting - I think that's the feedback I'd like to get...

pst... yes - it's saying (c) ─Żubo Ivanko... on some of my older photos - just a bad habit to write (c) - all my photos (and other stuff on this website if not specified otherwise) are really free

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─Żubo Ivanko